Are You Mobile Ready?

Are You Mobile Ready?

The use of mobile smartphones and tablets has exploded in the last 2 years. It is estimated that these devices are going to take over desktop PC’s as the preferred tool for internet access much sooner than originally projected.

Particularly for local businesses, effective smartphone ready websites and mobile marketing positioning can be a real advantage and something not available before. Many mobile users are doing searches for businesses while they are out running their errands — checking for directions, hours, contact info, etc. mobile Maps Example

Their buying intent is very high — they’ve already made the decision to purchase, they’re simply making their final decision on WHERE to buy.

So, when people use their mobile devices to search for your products or services, is YOUR business coming up in the search?

There is even LESS likelihood that mobile users are going to scroll and scroll and pinch and zoom to find answers to what they are looking for —

– they are in a hurry
– they are ready to make a decision
– they want answers now

The businesses that are displayed first in their search results

The ones that show the most important information right up front

The ones that load fast, are easy to navigate and well designed for the small screen

The ones that are attractive and compelling


They are going to get the calls, the visits . . . the customers


Does your online presence do that for you?


If not,
then, yeah, we can do that for you.



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