We build your website to keep visitors on your page.

The longer they stay, the more likely they are to contact you.

  • We do that by creating a user-friendly, uncluttered attractive design which is easy to navigate.
  • We make sure visitors can easily find the information they are looking for.
  • We want your potential customers to immediately see that you can solve their problems.

That’s why we place your primary product/services front and center.

Did you know that people searching online using smartphones, tablets and notebooks are now out pacing those using desktop computers?

You frustrate your website visitors if you give them no option but to try to navigate your regular desktop site on a small screen.

Visitors jump off your site within 4 seconds if they encounter any obstacle that slows them down – and they’ll immediately head over to your competitor’s mobile friendly page.

We offer both mobile responsive* sites with all new website builds as well as custom html mobile companion websites depending on your needs.

(* What the heck does ‘Responsive’ mean? Website coding & designs that automatically adjust to the size of the visitors device screen.)
Check out the images below to see responsive websites plus older style non-responsive sites. Also displayed is a before and after comparison of what websites looked like without a mobile-friendly companion site. There you can see how confusing it would be to visitors and why they’d skip your site and go elsewhere.


WEBSITES | Responsive | Older Site Designs

All new website clients will receive a mobile-friendly, responsive website unless requested otherwise. Some of the older sites you’ll see were linked to their own custom mobile-friendly site as well.

Custom Mobile Device Friendly Comparisons

Before responsive websites became the norm, custom html mobile-friendly sites were built and linked to a client’s primary desktop website version. When a visitor used their smart phones to surf the web, the mobile sites would be served to them. This made it easy for smart phone visitors to quickly locate the information they were looking for, particularly phone numbers and addresses.


QR CODES | Merge Digital & Traditional Marketing

We can also create custom QR codes for your offline marketing materials to help guide customers to your online information or special promotions.

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